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Harvey Turnbolt, Monster SlayerWelcome to
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Issues #2 & #3

In this two-part story, discover the origin of Harvey Turnbolt: Monster Slayer! See the creation of his most famous gadgets like the Pzaxx Bat and the Hand-Poon! Don’t miss Harvey’s introduction to Laura, the girl of his dreams!

After Harvey shows up the U.S. Government by saving his city from a two-headed giant lizard-beast, the Marines’ General Boothe calls on him to join their cause as their resident monster-slayer in exchange for fully funding all his inventions. Harvey of course agrees before discovering the sheer immensity of his task! Monsters are everywhere! They’ve just been kept low profile... until now.

Issue #4

We won't say much about this upcoming thriller now, but we will tell you this: It's going to be moody, and you're going to want more!!!

Issues #5 & #6

Jinkies! Harvey fans as well as cartoon lovers will be talking about this two-parter for years to come! In this parody of the famous "Scooby-Doo Show," Harvey and pals work to unravel the mystery of the Abominable Snowman on a ski vacation gone awry! Zoinks! Like, don’t miss it!

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