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Harvey Turnbolt, Monster SlayerWelcome to
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  Harvey Turnbolt, Boy Genious!!!

Harvey Turnbolt

Growing up with a genius I.Q. comes as both a blessing and a curse to Harvey Turnbolt. Bombarded by a steady stream of thoughts and ideas, Harvey creates several clumsy, dangerous, seemingly impractical inventions. This passion for invention all but consumes him, so he shares very little with the rest of the world. Just when it seems he’ll go nowhere in life, one of his inventions, the Pzaxx Bat, accidentally destroys a mysterious, giant, two-headed lizard which the military has been battling for two days straight. Harvey becomes a national hero overnight and soon garners the attention of the Pentagon - specifically that of General Waver Derry Boothe. General Boothe offers Harvey a substantial salary and funding for his inventions in exchange for his services in the event of a recurrence of this “monster” situation. Harvey accepts the tempting offer and signs a lengthy contract, unaware that the Pentagon has been involved in these types of operations for over forty years! Harvey realizes his lizard encounter is just one of hundreds which have been kept carefully quiet, and that the good General has signed him on foreseeing many more such occurrences in the near future. Harvey’s life is about to become VERY interesting...


Harvey's Pal Jim

Everyone has a best friend, and Harvey’s is Jim. He’s the type of guy who never seems to get caught, and always comes out on top. He writes bizarre, irreverent, yet strangely intelligent poetry - mostly about teen angst and wanting to get laid. He’s unusually resourceful and is always there for Harvey, unless “priorities” (chicks) take precedence. After his first mission, Harvey realizes he can’t do this job alone, so he offers Jim part of his salary under the table to assist him. Despite the mystery that surrounds him, he is the only person Harvey trusts and the only person Harvey willingly allows into a battle zone with him. Jim drives a really cool, if

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