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Harvey Turnbolt, Monster SlayerWelcome to
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Chris Pellicer, Boy Genius

Chris Pellicer, Co-Creator/Pencils/Scripts

Chris has been a freelance art director for the last several years, most recently heading up the "Publix Supermarkets Project." He has also worked as a Flash Animation Developer and Web Designer for Innovative Studios. Chris, referred to by fans and colleagues as, "the Roger Corman of comics", is currently developing his and Raines Carr's other creations, "Jackie Frost: Skateboarding, Kung Fu Detective", "Adventures of Sonny Sax, The Green Bomb" and "Amahl Kabul, Camel for Hire" for publication by Poorboy Comics over the next two years.

Raines Carr, Boy Wonder

Raines Carr, Co-Creator/Plots/Scripts

Formerly of Walt Disney Feature Animation, Raines Carr now presides over Poorboy Comics where his talents have led him to co-create and produce "Harvey Turnbolt: Monster Slayer" with partner Chris Pellicer. His other Poorboy ventures include "Jackie Frost: Skateboarding, Kung Fu Detective", "Amahl Kabul, Camel for Hire" and "Adventures of Sonny Sax, The Green Bomb." Raines' background is with the legitimate stage where he developed and produced numerous works including several full length plays such as "Romeo" and "Hamlet: As Told on the Street" (Based on the Shel Silverstein Classic).

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